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These links and downloads are for both potential volunteer mentors and for program managers. If you will take some time to explore these documents and sites, you will raise your awareness about youth mentoring as well as other volunteer opportunities. Please bookmark this page and come back from time to time, as this page will frequently change.


United Way of San Diego County -
The leader in coordinating volunteer efforts in the San Diego area.

The Children's Initiative -
Provides linkages that leverage critical resources on behalf of children, youth and families.

America's Promise -
A leader in mentoring. Mobilizes people from every sector of American life to build the character and competence of our nation's youth by fulfilling Five Promises for young people.

San Diego's Promise - The Alliance for Youth This is an innovative website for finding volunteer opportunities in your area -- just type in your zip code!

Public/Private Ventures  -
This organization is considered the leader in youth mentoring program research.

California Department of Alcohol and Drug
Go to this link to find the link for the Governor's Mentoring Partnership (GMP), and it discusses California's mentoring efforts.

The Harvard Mentoring Project -
Follow this link and find out about National Mentoring Month.

California Mentor Foundation -
Supports mentoring efforts in California, and was a key player in the National Mentoring Summit this past year at Disneyland.

Tutor Mentor Connection -
Based in Chicago, this is a model site for comprehensive community strategies for tutoring and mentoring programs.

National Mentoring Center -
Has free downloads of publications and other forms for youth mentoring programs.

Department of Health and Human Services -
SAMHSA's National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information. Free downloads for parents and caregivers. Materials to help keep our children drug free.

Points of Light Foundation -
This national organization helps to organize volunteer centers across the U.S.

Mentors Peer Resources -
This is one of the most comprehensive sites for mentoring links and resources. Many of them are corporate links, but there are also some valuable youth mentoring connections.

National Mentoring Partnership -
This is one of the best overall sites for youth mentoring.

Evaluation, Management and Training, Inc. (EMT) -
This organization is funded by the state to provide no cost technical assistance to individual mentoring programs. They also provide free workshops.

MentorNet -- A Free List Service
ABOUT MENTORNET: MentorNet is a free e-mail discussion sponsored by members of the Mentoring Coalition of San Diego County. MentorNet is open to those interested in issues related to youth mentoring as part of San Diego's Promise. This forum provides an opportunity for subscribers to share information on programming issues, workshop dates, upcoming recruiting activities, funding availability, and local and national resources, etc. MentorNet also gives information about the general meetings of the Mentoring Coalition, which are held monthly. If you aren't sure whether to send a message, go ahead and post it. If it doesn't fit the criteria the moderator will send it back to you with an explanation. MentorNet members can easily get off the list by clicking on "unsubscribe" on any message they receive. After you subscribe, to send a message you will address it to

TO SUBSCRIBE: You may add as many people to the list at one time as you wish, just make sure that they know that they are being put on the list. To subscribe, simply email: Please put the email address of the person first, followed by one space, and then the name. Example: John Doe.

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